Procter Gates Railings and Metalwork launches responsive website

Procter Gates, Railings and Metalwork has launched a responsive website that benefits visitors using all types of device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and phablets.  In particular, people browsing with mobile devices experience a website that is automatically optimised to suit the screen size, orientation, aspect ratio and resolution.  Where appropriate, the navigation is also altered to suit the device.   

The new website will help architects, specifiers, contractors and end users, whether they are searching for Gates, Railings and Architectural Metalwork or meeting with clients.  It will also be very convenient for people on site, in addition to those in an office environment who are using a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop computer.  

Procter Gates, Railings and Metalwork website contains a wealth of information about high-quality bespoke tracked, cantilevered or telescopic sliding gates, swing gates, railings, handrails or any architectural metalwork, and customised fence posts, barriers, bollards.  Depending on the products, we can manufacture, deliver your order, or we can even install your access platform.

The website also includes information about our bespoke design, manufacturing and installation services, plus its ability to operate in conjunction with sister divisions of Procter Bros Ltd for projects requiring fencing and/or gates, including automatic gates and street furniture.  There is also a gallery on the website with dozens of photographs illustrating the wide variety of bespoke products that can be provided.

For more information, email [email protected] or view photographs from the gallery.

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